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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Name of Love

As a single guy, I’m not always the best about keeping the house as tidy as I should, which can lead to some rather comical moments. One of those happened last night. Apparently, I left a cup of Diet Pepsi sitting on an end table long enough for it to catch my beloved cat Midnight’s attention and she simply helped herself. I caught her in the act, but I wasn’t upset with her.

Midnight is 19 years old now. She’s been drinking out of cups her entire life. She’ll drink milk, water, pop, tea, and any sort of flavored drink. I don’t put the cups out for her to drink, she just helps herself to whatever I'm drinking. We have that kind of relationship. We always have.

When she was a kitten, she used to plunge her little head into a cup of whatever I had sitting next to me. She’d drink until she couldn’t get her head in far enough to keep drinking and then she’d take one of her front paws and knock the cup over. That part never thrilled me, but she’s mellowed some in recent years. She still drinks from my cups whenever she wants to, but she doesn’t knock them over when she’s done. Maybe she’s leaving some for me.

I don’t knowingly drink after her, but I’m sure I have done so unknowingly. It’s just one of the little things I tolerate in the name of love.


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