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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here Comes Christmas

I was in a department store the other day and ran across a naked Christmas tree next to an aisle of Christmas ornaments and decorations, so I snapped a photo of it with my new/old Blackberry Curve. I know that the commercial aspects of Christmas drives some people crazy—especially when stores begin to display Christmas stuff in September and I understand where they are coming from, but for me, when I see my first Christmas tree in a store, it makes me anticipate the season all the more.

I look forward to the first snow. And to watching Serendipity and You’ve Got Mail. I think I’m going to add The Holiday to my list this year as well. I look forward to getting together with a few friends for a nice steak dinner after we do something for a local charity. And to listening to Christmas music everywhere I go. I look forward to singing Christmas carols in church. And most importantly, I look forward to purposely slowing down the pace of life to think about the Incarnation.


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