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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Give Me Examples

I was glued to the television on Tuesday for Opening Day in the Major League baseball season. One of the announcers said something during the game I was watching that caught my attention. He was talking about a player who had lost 20 pounds over the offseason when he said this, "You never know whose words are going to inspire somebody to make a change in their life."

That's true.

But I find in my own life that I'm not nearly as receptive to words as I am examples. I've been inspired by all sorts of people over the years who were simply living out their lives in front of me.

My dad used to carry around one of those little spiral-bound notebooks in his shirt pocket. He'd make all sorts of notes throughout the day: books he wanted to buy, quotes he wanted to share, errands he needed to run, phone numbers he needed to call, etc. Today, you probably won't see me walking around without a moleskine notebook for all of the same reasons.

One of my sisters became a cat person (we had a dog growing up) and I saw how much fun they were, so I got one myself and I've had the same one every since.

A business owner I know from church told me about a process he uses to help him calculate how long it is going to take for his company to complete projects and my mind instantly began to race as I thought about how I might be able to use a similar formula for my own business.

On and on it goes. I love to see people living out their routines because I am often inspired in one way or another.


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