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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nominations, The Election, and Dewey

A few random thoughts for the day:

Nominations: A big thank you goes out to Dr. Bear for nominating Little Nuances in all of the categories I listed yesterday for the 2008 Weblog Awards. No further nominations are necessary. Once a blog is nominated, it will be reviewed and considered as a possible finalist. Finalists will be selected and then voted upon in December. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

Election: I don't get real political here at Little Nuances. I have other venues for that. I don't plan to get real political today either. But the election was held yesterday and it seems odd to not at least mention it. I've been involved in politics for the better part of two decades. I've been without a political home for nearly half that time since both major parties now lean further left that I am.

The one dynamic that always amazes me though is the way people in the losing party seem to be on suicide watch the morning after the election. Don't get me wrong; the people we elect matters. But our Republic has withstood some horrible presidents from the gamut of political parties in her history. It survives because our founders put checks and balances in place. That doesn't mean it'll always survive; hence the importance of elections, but our 232-year track record gives me comfort.

So, to my conservative friends, I say: work within the system to make your voice heard; pray for our new leaders; and come back stronger the next time around. To my liberal friends I say: this is your time. You have all three branches of government and at least two years to turn things around. I wish you well.

Dewey: So, have you seen the non-fiction book called Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders? Who would have thought that a book about a cat would be the third best-selling hardcover non-fiction book on the NY Times bestseller list? But that's where it sits as of this writing.

It's the true story about a cat named Dewey who is rescued by a library director one bitterly cold winter morning in Spencer, Iowa. The director was going through tough times, including; the loss of the family farm, a breast cancer scare, and an alcoholic husband. Dewey, frostbitten feet an all, captured her heart and then the heart of the city.

Dewey lived to be 19 and I'm so glad somebody put his story down on paper. My beloved cat Midnight is approaching her 19th birthday and she certainly has a story to tell as well. It's not as dramatic as Dewey's, but not many are. Pets have a magical way of blending into our routines and into our hearts and in the process they either become part of the family, or in my case, help to fill the void of not being married with children.

I haven't read this book yet, but I bought it over the weekend and I'll be getting to it sooner rather than later.


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