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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rediscovering Sass Jordan

In 1992, I bought a CD titled Racine by Sass Jordan and I played it dozens of times over the years from start to finish. It was one of those rare CDs that doesn't have a bad song on it.

The first track is a song called "Make You a Believer." It was the single from the CD and it got quite a bit of airplay. I love that song. It has a catchy rock/blues sound to it and it is hard not to sing along with the chorus. The third track is called "You Don't Have to Remind Me,"--a heart-wrenching song about not being able to be with the one person you know you were born to love. The seventh song is called "Goin' Back Again" and it includes these lyrics:

On the east side of St. Laurence Blvd.
There's a whole different world
People talking and laughing at anything
In the summertime whirl
Nobody's asking questions
'Bout who you are and where you've been
Just willing to live and let live
Whatever state you might find yourself in

Who among us doesn't hope to to find such friends?

I still listen to this CD from time to time--well, actually I don't listen to the CD. I listen to Racine on my iPod. I knew Jordan put out another album after Racine, but you know how it is when you find a nearly perfect album. Why ruin it with music that can never live up to the original (even though Racine wasn't Jordan's first album), right? I eventually lost track of her career. Last night I had a desire to listen to Racine again. As I did, I was curious enough to look up Jordan's website and I saw that she has eight CDs out. Wow. Then I learned that she is (or maybe she was) a judge on Canadian Idol (the Canadian version of American Idol).

I browsed through her other CDs and listened to snippets of many of the songs, many of which seemed to contain the same magic that I loved about Racine. One of them really grabbed me. It's from her latest CD called Get What You Give. The song is called "Trouble." Here are a few lines:

The last time I looked back
There was trouble on my trail
There were ghosts and broken hearts
And a beat up Ford for sale
The last time I looked back
Before I closed the door
I saw trouble sitting tight
Now I don’t look back no more

I don't know what I was thinking. I should have never stopped following her career or picking up her CDs. While it's true that none of them will ever be Racine, that's not a good enough reason to miss the experience of some great music.


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