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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Night at the Dirt Track

Over the weekend, I went to a local dirt track with a friend and his stepson to watch a little racing. We didn’t stay the entire night, but we saw some good action before we left.

The first few heats we saw featured new drivers—I think the proper term for that division is “hobby stocks,” but I could be wrong. It looks like some of these drivers are doing anything they possibly can just to be able to race. I loved some of the numbers on their cars. One car was A1. Here’s a photo:

Later in the night, we saw a car (the number 18 car with M & Ms painted on it) that had a similar paint scheme to something Kyle Busch would run on his number 18 car:
And of course, even later we saw cars that look more like I was expecting (this was a three car accident in the middle of turns one and two):
But I think I got the biggest kick out of a little boy who had all of the flags sitting in a stand in front of him who took out the proper flag and waved it vigorously every time the official flag man did so. Here's a picture of him in action:
I stood in a long line and paid $7.00 for a meal that wasn't horribe and it wasn't great. While I was standing in the line, a few small rocks flew off the track as cars sped by and one hit me in the leg. I survived and now I even sound tough for having survived.

Okay, not so much.

By the time we left, dust hovered over the track. And as we reached our car, dusk was settling in, making for one more nice photo:


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