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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Preventative Medicine

I’m off the see the dentist in a few hours to get a couple of fillings and a crown. Not looking forward to it, but it’s one of those rare times when I’m actually going to the dentist when I don’t have a lot of pain in one tooth or another. Sounds like it’s a good thing I decided to do it now because my dentist said she should be able to save the tooth that needs a crown and the other two cavities aren’t bad. If I had waited longer, we probably would have been talking about a root canal. Yuck.

We know when our finances are going askew due to overspending or when our health is suffering because we aren’t eating properly, but we often wait until we are in dire straits before we do anything about it rather than facing a little bit of pain in the immediate to take corrective action. The truth is, life hurts sometimes. We might as well face that reality head on and save ourselves from having to endure unnecessary disasters.


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