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Monday, July 16, 2012

Three Ear Worms, Plus One

A $3.00 adapter has allowed me to begin listening to my iPod in my vehicle again. Having that ability has led to three ear worms (a song that is stuck in your head), plus one. One of them is ridiculous, two are thought-provoking, and one … well, it just is.

The ridiculous comes from Jana Kramer’s self-titled debut album – which is quite good. There isn’t a bad song on it. But one particular song, called “Goodbye California,” contains this line, “I like your mustang, your sexy hot twang, country fried chicken is a beautiful thing.” She finds a way to rhyme “twang” with “thing” (pronounced “thang”) and I think that is what causes the worm. I could listen to her sing that line a hundred times in a row.

One of the thought-provoking ear worms comes from a Kim Taylor song called, “Days Like This.” In it she sings, “Days like this. Yeah you think about the ones that love you,” and later in the song, “Days like this. Yeah you think about the ones that went before you.” The editor in me wants to change the word “that” in both lines to “who,” but once I get past it, I identify with what Taylor is saying because I find myself doing both lately. I see my loved ones everywhere I look. [Here's the video for the song. If you are reading this via email, you'll need to click through to the blog to view the video.]

Another thought-provoking lyric comes from the new album by LA Guns, “Hollywood Forever.” The song “You Better Not Love Me” contains this line, “Girlfriend, take some advice. Opportunity, rarely strikes twice.” Does opportunity rarely strike twice? That does seem to be the case, doesn’t it? And if it does, what does that say about not hesitating when the opportunity does strike?

The final worm comes from the radio. I don’t own any music by Little Big Town, but they have a hit on the air right now called “Pontoon.” The chorus starts with these three little words, “On the pontoon” and they are completely stuck in my head. If you haven’t heard the song, YouTube it.

How about you? Do you have any ear worms?


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