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Monday, October 30, 2006

Saving Ticket Stubs

I love this article currently running on MSNBC.com by woman named Dawn Keable who has saved her ticket stubs over the past sixteen years to every major event she's gone to. Rather than all of these events just being a blur--as is often the case for those who don't find a way to preserve such memories--she can tell you stories about each event.

Here's what she says about her collection: "Each stub has the potential to bring me to a place long ago forgotten, sometimes uncovering hints of how and why I've become the person I am today."

I have a friend who saved many of her ticket stubs in a similar fashion, but she's gone one step further by putting them in a scrapbook. She also cut out reviews from the newspaper and/or promotion flyers for the event and put those right next to the tickets.

I love this idea and I wish I had done it. I have a lot ticket stubs from events I've attended, but I haven't put them in any sort of order like these two woman have. Makes me want to go back and do it now though. Actually, that might be sort of fun to do on this blog once in a while. I could scan a ticket, and write everything I remember from the event. What do you think? Have you kept your ticket stubs?


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