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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Get Real

Toward the end of the writers' conference I attended last week, a friend of mine, John Thurman, spoke during the closing ceremonies. He made two points that really hit home with me. His remarks were made in the context of writing, but I think they have universal application for anything in our lives that we feel like we must do, but for some reason, keep putting it off.

First, he told us that we need to "get real." Our clock is ticking and we aren't in a dress rehearsal. That sounds pretty obvious, but I'm amazed at how often I think about "someday"--as if all the good stuff in life will just magically happen as I get older. Sometimes the routines of life do indeed feel like a dress rehearsal. I find comfort in routines. In fact, I blogged about it here. But comfort can quickly lull a person to sleep if he or she isn't careful.

Second, he told us that we need to get a vision or a plan because a vision without a plan is just a daydream. I think I do a pretty good job of planning in my business life, but not such a great job in my personal life. I often feel like I'm passive in my personal life--as if I need to wait for things to happen. I wouldn't dare be passive in my business life, so maybe it's time to make a few changes and take a few chances in my personal life. 

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