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Monday, March 17, 2008

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

I can fall asleep almost anywhere, anytime. Some of my friends joke that I fall asleep in the middle of their sentences. Nothing against any of them, but when it's time for sleep, my body shuts down. The funny thing is, I rarely feel like I get enough sleep. I think that's why I fall asleep so easily. As soon as I stop, I'm out.

I've never really tried to figure out how much sleep I need. Instead, I have always allowed my schedule to dictate how much sleep I get. So, I'm trying something different this week. I'm going to sleep for different amounts of time each night to figure out which amount works best for my level of alertness and productivity the following day. Then I'm going to try to stick with that amount.

Will I follow through with my plans? I don't know. The honest answer is, it probably depends up on how many pressing deadlines I have. But I do think it would be a good idea to get my sleep straightened out so I could be more productive, and conceivably, even more healthy.

How about you? How much sleep do you need each night? What happens if you don't get it?


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