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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dance the Night Away

I just started reading Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott--the third book in her thoughts on faith series. This one seems less angry than the second book, Plan B. Anger has it's place and it seemed to work in Plan B, but it's nice to see that she was in a different place when she wrote the third book.

I read a chapter yesterday called "Dance Class," in which Anne and one of her friends decided to help another one of Anne's friend's to lead a special-ed dance class. Anne doesn't seem all that confident in her dancing ability, which makes her willingness to help lead a dance class even more special. And she made this insightful statement: "I know that humans want and need exactly the same thing: to belong, to feel safe and respected. I also know that we don't live long. And that dancing almost always turns out to be a good idea."

I love that thought. Dancing almost always turns out to be a good idea. When I think back on all of the times I have danced, I've had a blast. And I'm not a good dancer. But I love to do it anyway. I've danced at weddings, in nightclubs, at prom and homecoming, and in various other places...and Anne is right. It was always a good idea, for so many reasons: for the memories it created, for the freedom it explored, and for the sense of belonging that I experienced.


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