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Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Tidbits

I enjoyed my first cigar last Friday night with a group of friends--all of whom are experienced cigar smokers. My sole desire was to get through that one cigar--which I was assured was top of the line--without inhaling and dying of smoke inhalation. With the bar set so low, I was successful, and while I can't say that I enjoyed it, I didn't hate it either.

As further proof that my endorsement of certain television programs leads to their cancellation--usually immediately after I start talking about them, October Road is on the ropes. ABC offered the show to Lifetime and Lifetime turned it down. This bummed me out even further because it could mean that the show is so sappy that even Lifetime won't take it, but that challenges my manhood so that certainly can be the case. I did find one report that says the CW is thinking about picking up the show, which would be a good move for them since none of their shows draw five million viewers per episode like October Road does. So, I'm keeping hope alive.

This was a busy work week, but I had a lot of fun. I was the guest on the Genuine Christian Singles podcast for an hour and had a great conversation with Nicole, the host of the show, about the single life. We discussed topics in my book, Single Servings, and various other issues that singles face. I think the podcast is supposed to be up on the GCS website over the weekend if you'd like to hear it. I also led a chat room discussion about blogging this week, using information I cover in my Blogging 101 e-book, and I have received several nice responses from people who were in attendance. Beyond all of the fun, I've been buried in paperwork, and that's not so much fun, but a necessary part of doing business.


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