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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday Thinking

I'm having a hard time relating to the top 10 searches of 2009 recently released by Yahoo! But then again, I never use Yahoo! as a search engine and last I heard they were a distant second to Google, so maybe I'm not completely out of touch. So, how did I find out about the list in the first place? Google.

Regardless of whether Joe Posnanski is writing about sports or pop culture, he is always worth reading. I particularly liked his recent post about the honesty of country music.

Saturdays during the winter have a different feel to them. They seem to be more about getting together with friends to watch a football game or chilling out and reading a novel than just another day to get stuff done.

Certain types of jazz music are perfect for background noise and other types give me a headache. Can't speak articulately enough about jazz to differentiate them for you, except to say that the irritating type is fast, and seemingly, too loud.

Friday Night Lights is an excellent television show, but I don't know one person who watches it, other than some tweeps on Twitter. For the record, I'm also a One Tree Hill fan and I don't know anybody who watches that either, tweeps excluded.

It seems to me that you are either a Facebook person or a Twitter person. I'm a Twitter person who uses Twitter to update Facebook. I wonder why we gravitate toward one or the other?

Speaking of Facebook, I heard somebody say recently that he was glad there isn't a "dislike" option next to each update. I agree. Imagine how you'd feel if you went out there and saw that one or more of your friends didn't like your updates.

People who are wise enough to find their own rhythms in life impress me.


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